“Chris Blinston is the owner of No Hard Feelings Tattoo in Coral Springs, Florida. He is known for his first-class studios, award-winning artwork, and dedication to volunteering. His preferred tattooing styles are color realism, full-color portraiture, and color saturation pieces, making for tattoos that are rich, vibrant, and full of rainbow-bright life.” 

- Chris Blinston, Coral Gables, FL

“I think  Recovery tattoo salve is a great product. My clients agree!”

- David Pracise, Art N Soul Tattoo, Saddle Brook, NJ

“We love the Recovery at our shops. Not only do our customers like how it heals their pieces, but they love the container itself for its convenient ability to fit in any pocket.”

- Matt Allsman, Eternal Tattoo, NE

“I order a case of Recovery every couple of weeks. I love it and my clients seem to love it for healing as well.”

- Jesse Vickers, Grand Blanc, MI