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Piercing Products

Our piercing family includes various sea salt products that clean, rejuvenate, hydrate, oxygenate, and heal your piercings and other wounds. Our Saline Spray comes ready to use and our Sea Salt is available for those who prefer mixing their own soaks. Our Sea Salt Mouth Soak is perfect for healing oral piercings and abrasions. No CFCs, drugs, preservatives, or additives are contained in our Sea Salt Products.

Piercing Products
Tattoo Salve

Tattoo Products

Whether you are cleaning the skin, applying/maintaining stencils, hydrating, healing or enhancing tattoo vibrancy and longevity, Recovery has a product for you to keep your client’s investments looking good. Eliminate the mystery of unknown ingredients with our vegan-friendly, dye-free products that are suitable for any skin type.

Numbing Products

Decrease your discomfort before and after tattoo/piercing procedures, injections, minimally invasive aesthetic procedures, cosmetic procedures, laser treatment, and more with Recovery’s line of numbing products. With the highest over-the-counter topical analgesic strength allowed by the FDA, our effective formula works to reduce inflammation and ease pain.

Numb Cream
Jojoba Oil

Care Products

Your skin deserves the best. Our line of care products ranges from essential oils and soaps to specialty products to keep your body and our planet happy. Whether you’re looking to prep/clean skin, reduce swelling/scarring, or simply hydrate, our products sourced from around the world are just what you are looking for.

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