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Founded in 2011, Recovery Aftercare began as a mission to ensure that body modifications could receive the gentle, all-natural, healthy treatment they deserve. We strived for a line of products that were sustainable, environmentally friendly, vegan-friendly, and organic. Since then, we have developed an extensive family of products offering everything from Dead Sea Salt and saline washes to Jojoba and Tea Tree Oil.

Whether you are seeking to treat body modifications or any other skin care need, you can rest assured Recovery Aftercare is providing you with modestly priced, medically safe products manufactured from the purest ingredients. Trusted by tattoo and piercing professionals around the country for our quality and transparency, we are sure to provide clear, easy-to-follow instructions with every product we offer. As we continue to produce and sell the purest products for tattoo and piercing recovery, we are strengthened in our mission to encourage the healthy treatment of any and every body modification.

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